【PHP客户支持 & 帮助平台工单系统】 BeDesk v1.2.5

【PHP客户支持 & 帮助平台工单系统】 BeDesk v1.2.5

BeDesk v1.2.5 - PHP客户支持 & 帮助平台工单系统











引用: 4个版本更新一起发布

2019 May 12 – Version 1.2.5

Bug Fixes

Correct categories should now show properly in article page, when article is attached to multiple parent categories.

Fixed a few issues with help center export in admin area.

Corrected a few visual issues on user profile page in agent mailbox.

Fixed an issue with envato reports not generating sometimes.

Fixed side navigation in offline documentation.

Fixed an issue with trigger sometimes not showing condition values when editing it.

2019 May 11 – Version 1.2.4

New Features

Added a new, simpler installer.

Added article contents sidebar to help center.

Added new search bar to conversation page for easily inserting help center article links into ticket.

Added new design for help center homepage. (It can be changed from settings page)

New tickets can now be created by agents from mailbox page.

“Notify via email” action in triggers page now supports placeholders. (For example inserting ticket subject, replies, user email etc.)

Ticket customer can now be changed from conversation page.

Help center can now be exported as offline documentation.

Emails can now be piped directly to BeDesk.


“Ticket: assignee” condition now accepts user ID or email address.

Ticket’s list will not show which agent (if any) a particular ticket is assigned to.

Canned replies can now be shared between agents.

Help center categories (instead of tags) can now be used for “new ticket” page categories.

Added user envato details in ticket sidebar (if envato integration is enabled).

Current page, filters and sorting order will now be preserved in url on all pages containing paginated results.

Improved help center article page design.

Help center footer can now be hidden from settings page.

Mailbox page is now fully responsive.

Updated TinyMCE text editor to latest version.

Invalid characters will now be automatically removed from “slug” when updating or creating custom page from admin area.

Navigating between different articles will now cause page to scroll to top always.

Added “edit” button to article page (if user has proper permissions).

Improved category re-ordering via drag and drop in “help center > manage > categories” page.

Search in “help center > manage > articles” page will now search article tags.

All users with “tickets.update” permission will now be recognised as agents.

“Open ticket” button in ticket modal will now close all open dialog windows.

Amazon S3 storage method endpoint can now be changed via settings page.

Menu for custom pages can now be created via menu manager.

Link target (new or same window) can now be specified via menu manager.

Menu manager “route” type items now support query parameters.

Google “mobile friendly” tests should now fully pass.

“After reply action” will now be stored per agent. Default value can be specified from settings page.

Settings page will now validate most newly entered settings.

Raw emails can now be sent to BeDesk via Api and they will be parsed properly.

Bug Fixes

Fixed several issues on “new ticket page” that occurred on iOS.

Fixed several issues in tickets and envato report pages.

Setting for changing maximum items in help center search page should work properly now.

Selecting article from search dropdown via keyboard arrows and clicking “enter” will now properly open that article.

Fixed an issue where “canned reply” would not be editable sometimes.

Validation errors will now be shown when adding attachments in “new ticket” page.

“All” Article status in help center article manager will now correctly show article drafts.

Text editor “import” and “warning” widgets will not render properly on custom pages.

Changes in “source” tab of text editor will now be correctly persisted even without switching to “visual” tab first.

Pagination in help center manager -> articles page will now work properly.

Fixed an issue where actions in ticket toolbar were not clickable in firefox sometimes.

Fixed an issue where “Notify: via email” action would sometimes show blank input instead of user email.

Validation messages will now be translated when locale is not set to english.

It should not be possible to set homepage to blank page anymore from settings.

Sitename entered in “admin > appearance > general” page will now affect emails.

Properly resize wide logos in navbar on mobile.

Fixed an issue where user permissions could not be updated from admin area sometimes.

Menu item reordering via drag and drop should now work properly in menu manager.

“Add item” panel in menu manager should now work safari.

Fixed an issue where ticket and reply list would not be updated sometimes when realtime functionality is enabled.

2018 November 22 – Version 1.2.3

Bug Fixes

Fix an issue where database prefix was not applied sometimes.

2018 October 22 – Version 1.2.2

Bug Fixes

Add missing confirmation email template.

Fix “Hide incomplete categories” option in settings page.

Allow users to download files attached by agents to their ticket.

Fix “notify: via email” trigger action.












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